About Steve Dolha

I still remember when I first read Ansel Adam’s “The Negative” at the age of sixteen. It was fuel for the creative passion that I’d found a couple of years earlier in photography. With the darkroom facilities available at my high school I was able to do the entire Zone System calibration from Ansel’s book. I was catapulted into a totally new technical level for expressing myself with black and white photography.I’ve never looked back.

All these many years later, digital photography has become my preferred way I capture the beauty I see in the natural world. The tools and technology have changed dramatically but, in all that time I’ve never lost the passion and desire to create expressive images – it still burns in me as brightly as the first day I watched an image appear in my darkroom all those years ago.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and that they bring you closer to the natural world that is always present around us.

About My Equipment and Technology

Camera: Nikon D800E
Lens: Nikon 24-70mm, Nikon 70-200mm, Sigma 150mm Macro
Printers: Epson 2200 & Epson 800.
Ink Sets: Epson UT and MIS Quadtone
Software: Affinity Photo, DxO, Helicon Focus, Aurora HDR, Photoshop CS5, QTR, Lightroom, WordPress, Woocommerce.

About My Solid Wood Species Frames

All of my photographs are presented on this website and available to be purchased with solid wood frames lovingly hand crafted in my woodworking shop. Each frame is created from solid maple, red oak or walnut with a contrasting colour wood inserted as splines to greatly strengthen the corners and finished with four coats of a durable clear satin finish. These frames are available in a simple yet elegant profile to fit with any decor.

About My Gallery Shows

February 2018: Alberta Exposure Festival 2018
I’m currently a resident artist at Motion Gallery.

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